New Office in Knoxville

New Office in Knoxville


"Through its innovative design and durable quality, Solid Ground Cords provides the most dependable and safest cord in the market." – Jeff Rodgers, Director, AGC of Alabama,

"There is no product on the market that performs at this level. These extension cords have lasted 6 times longer than the conventional cords that we have used in the past." – Mark Schneider, Western Division Safety Manager, United Forming,

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  • We sell the best, most durable and longest lasting extension cord made in America 
  • Our patented Solid Ground pin technology prevents the ground pin from breaking off the plug thereby saving you time, money and safety violations on the job site
  • Our patented plug technology includes safety features that indicate when the extension cord is grounded

Safety Features

Safety Features

  • Anchored ground pin that does not detach from plug
  • "Grounded" safety light indicator
  • Reinforced jacket retention technology which reduces jacket/plug separation
  • SJTOOW outdoor oil resistant and water resistant jacket
  • Patented Normal Polarity Light Indicator
  • All Cords are VW-1, FT-1, FT-2 rated
  • All Cords are UL Listed

Regional Business Recognition

  • Anderson County Chamber of Commerce membership
  • Southern Roofing Company recognized Solid Ground Cord, LLC as "Game Changers" in the industry
  • calls Solid Ground Cords, LLC a thriving place of business in the greater Knoxville area