About Us

Solid Ground Cords, LLC was established in February 2016 in Knoxville, Tennessee. Although newly formed, Solid Ground Cords, LLC has years of experience in extension cord use and extension cord technology. Its founder and inventor of the patent pending Solid Ground pin, Mr. Rick Gilliland, has worked in the construction industry for over three decades. As a construction superintendent, Rick was well acquainted with the number one problem with extension cords – the ground pin breaking off from the extension cord plug within days after purchase. Rick also saw the lack of safety features associated with standard extension cords. With these two problems in mind, Rick was motivated to invent an extension cord product that was more reliable, long lasting and included added safety features. After years of thought, trial and error and hard work, Rick came up with a patent pending technology that will revolutionize the extension cord industry: The Solid Ground pin technology that prevents the ground pin from breaking off from the extension cord plug. This idea spawned the company slogan – “It’s ALL ABOUT THE PIN”.

In February of 2016, Rick invited business man and entrepreneur Davis Ratcliff to be co-owner and business consultant of Solid Ground Cords, LLC. Mr. Ratcliff’s past experience includes the formation of three small technology driven marketing companies. This dynamic duo of inventor and businessman have the passion and drive to lead their company to innovate, market and grow Solid Ground Cords, LLC to be a highly successful and safety minded extension cord company. Lastly, but certainly not least, Solid Ground extension cords are made in America by Americans. So remember, when you order your next extension cord: “IT’S ALL ABOUT THE PIN”.