"Through its innovative design and durable quality, Solid Ground Cords provides the most dependable and safest cord in the market." – Jeff Rodgers, Director, AGC of Alabama, jeffr@alagc.org

"I am convinced it will alleviate a tremendous amount of employee electrical exposure, as well as reduce costs associated with replacement cords and project downtime." – Kim Enok, Director of Safety and Loss Control, AGC of Tennessee, kim@knoxtnagc.com

"As a safety director they make my job easier when I do job site inspections and see Solid Ground Cords. I have never seen a missing ground pin, jacket strain from coming away from the ends or cuts." – Sue Caldwell, Safety Director, Southern Constructors Inc., scaldwell@southernconstructorsinc.com

"From an economic point of view, the cords save us over 50% on annual extension cord expenses simply because we no longer have to repair or replace cords every two months or so due to broken ground pins." – Nathan Cox, Vice President, Overhead Door Company of Knoxville, ncox@wmstrimble.com

"There is no product on the market that performs at this level. These extension cords have lasted 6 times longer than the conventional cords that we have used in the past." – Mark Schneider, Western Division Safety Manager, United Forming, mschneider@unitedforming.com

"I have not had a ground pin citation or failure since purchasing Solid Ground Cords." – Patrick Trace, Market Manager, Cintas, tracep@cintas.com

"This product will change our outlooks on cords which also includes a huge savings of time and money and a lot less equipment down time that will ultimately give us time to focus on other needs of our establishments" – Brian Pool, DFW Service Manager, Pappas Restaurants, bpool@pappas.com

"These cords SAVE our company MONEY because we are not repairing or replacing them as often as conventional cords."  – David Dossey, Pavecon, ddossey@pavecon.com

"Because of increased connectivity and performance, we've been able to use Solid Ground Cords’ 12/3 gauge cords to accomplish the same tasks as a standard 10/3 gauge extension cord." – Jeff Parker, Production Manager/Decorative Division, Concrete Preservation, jparker@concrete-preservation.com

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